Partner PRIWAY
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Contact person:

Stephan Engberg


Key persons:

Stephan Engberg, Morten Borup Harning

Areas of expertise:

PRIWAY is providing Trust & Security communication products and managed security services based on Empowerment of the Individual and Security in Context design principles. PRIWAY was established in 2005 as the operational and implementation base of Open Business Innovation - a Danish high-tech SME specialised in Trust Socio/Economics doing R&D in Communication Security & Identity Management working to reconcile the apparent trade-offs between security, convenience, privacy and efficiency.

The PRIWAY contribution and expectation of the HYDRA project is to demonstrate strong security solutions based on virtualisation in physical hardware products and complex multistakeholder application, as wells as to develop methodologies and middleware solutions for maximum inclusiveness so that the choice of security model can be adapted and based independently on the application-specific risk model, the business case and stakeholder needs & preferences.

PRIWAY will be providing Managed Security & Transaction Services preserving context and privacy as well as to some extent integration features to the HYDRA project. These will be set up as infrastructure support services for virtualisation of identity, communication and transactions.

PRIWAY is the direct result of the Open Business Innovation project "Privacy Highway" - a research project responding to the FP6 Roadmapping activities on Privacy and Identity Management demonstrating serious unsolved problems in security for a digitally integrated world especially in the Ambient Intelligence space. The logical security conclusion when breaking down the physical/geographical barriers in the integration process is to ensure the establishment of new logical barriers instead of assuming trust policies and regulation to maintain security - i.e. move to a "you can trust it, because you donít have to trust it"-concept. Through a strict adherence to virtualisation principles, PRIWAY is pioneering Context Security focussing not only for devices adapting to AmI context, but on how context security boundaries can be established and maintained while ensuring convenience and effectiveness even in a integrated Grid-type world. In addition to this PRIWAY recently pre-announced the Anti-identity Theft Life Management Device for Personal in Context Identity Management In addition are designing next generation Device & Person Identity hardware security to be licensed and provided through partners or joint ventures. RFID context adaptable security and Citizen multi-id devices are the first with privacy-enabled RFID devises already in the pre-launch phase provided by the subsidiary company, RFIDsec. The first visible result is the introduction of Context Security integrated into RFID under the Zeroleak framework being marketed by RFIDsec.

Role in the project:

PRIWAY participates in 3 Work packages:
  • WP3 (Architecture design specification)
  • WP5 (Wireless networks & devices)
  • WP7 (Trust, privacy and security)